Design Basics: Always carry a notebook

Avada News   •   June 2, 2016

Keep a way to write ideas on a Notebook, an electronic device, whatever works for you. This is one of the Feedbacks you will hear from us while working with you in your Website Development Phase. The more detailed criticism  we get from our customers the better job we do. Writing down the Highlights of each page of your new Website will be crucial in the process.

Keep It Simple

Highlights are better than long paragraphs. Stay on the right track and write to the point avoiding losing readers in boring endless details. Content relevance to our customers activity is our main goal throughout the whole Website Designing process.

  • Write Any ideas that You may Have

  • Simple Message

  • Relevant Content

Writing Ideas when they popup..

Focus on The User

The Question that we ask ourselves in every step of the way is what will the User Think and what will be the Anticipated Reaction after reading the information listed on the Website.

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