We take Search Engine Optimization Campaign very Seriously

Eck Creative Media News   •   January 17, 2017

Eck Creative Media is all about Search Engine Optimization. Including with your Website Hosting is our Comprehensive SEO Campaign. Our 36 SEO Audit System covers most of the Search Engine Optimization Requirements. Every single page of your website goes through the same very rigorous scrutiny. And they all have to pass the test. A very lengthy and detailed 36 step process that will improve your ranking. Relevant Title and Description are crucial. From your Posting Frequency to the creation of your Sitemap, our SEO Campaign is relentless until we get it perfect. Is your content maximized for search? What is your page Average Content Optimization? Does your Page content contain the Right Meta Keywords? Is there Any Duplicate Meta tags? Any Duplicate Tittles? Any Duplicate Descriptions? Any Empty Tittles? Etc.. Our Complete Audit System will Help Your Website to be noticed.

Keep It Simple

With Eck Creative Media Comprehensive SEO Campaign You are in Good Hands. We offer a 36 Step Verification Process for each Page of your website to improve Search Engine Crawling. And the best Part, it comes absolutely Free with your Website Hosting Package.

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Comprehensive SEO Campaign

  • 36 Step Verification Process

  • Improve Search Engine Crawling

How about a title Tag? A Meta Description? Does your website have a Canonical Link? How about a Robot File?

Our Focus is on SEO

As mentioned in previous Eck Creative Media Articles Smart SEO campaign will help your website gain Visibility, more Traffic, Better Branding, and Credibility.

Ultimately your exposure will grow and your Sales will benefit from it.

At Eck Creative Media, SEO is our Number one priority.
And our Comprehensive 36 Step Process Search Engine Optimization Campaign we help your website get noticed.

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