What do you Include in your Services Page? Here are the 10 Best Tips to help you Writing SEO Ready Services Page.

Eck Creative Media News • December 10, 2019


ain Services Page

Create a clear overview of each the services that you are providing

Create an elevator speech for each Service Page.

  • Talk about your articles providing solutions to many speficic problems that most readers encounter in your field.

Write an exciting introduction inviting your readers to read your blog.

Add a Hook at the end of the page to motivate your readers to “keep reading”.


ndividual Service Pages

1- Write a clear overview of the service that you are providing

2-Create an elevator speech for that Service

  • Go into specifics; list all the benefits that come with that particular service.
  • Link the Service page to more specific and specialized landing pages.
  • For example you are a painter and one of your services is “Interior Painting”.

-> You should have a link within your Interior Painting Service to Woodwork

3- Write the best content that best describes your Service

  • Avoid being too short; make sure that you provide all the possible answers to your readers questions.

4- Structure

-> 150 to 200 words.

-> 3 to 6 paragraphs

-> Make it easy to “scan” as you visitors will most likely scan your website rather than read it.

-> Use Titles and Subtitles for each paragraph

Use Keywords in titles as much as possible (avoid too board keywords, use specific key-phrases that we are providing)

-> We can use what we have from your old site but we need to stick to a “structure” consistent throughout your whole site.

-> Use ALL the Key-phrases that we provide you.

5- Stick to basic relevant information to the Service itself.

-> Be thorough but at the same time avoid going too much into details

-> List All the Benefits that you are offering and why readers should contact you for that particular service

6- Provide Success stories, testimonials, reviews from your existing customers (use real name; Peggy Smith from Chelmsford, Massachusetts for example)

7- Describe on how easy it is to work with your firm.

  • List all the advantages and demonstrate how you can make a difference and come up with a solution to your readers problems.

8- Elaborate on the ROI working with your organization.

9- Keep your Readers Engaged.
End your Service page with a “Call-to-action” or better known as “CTA”, inviting your readers to contact you. “CTA” are an essential part of an effective marketing program.
Boost your conversions with inviting CTAs offering promotions, discounts, etc..

10- Use all the keywords and key-phrases from our researches, it will pay off overtime.
Our SEO Services come with tons of benefits. One of them is the creation of different studies for all your different services. We do a Keyword search volume and Keyword relevance analysis for each particular market.
We provide you with the “crème de la crème” list of key phrases “hot” and relevant to your activity to use in order to put the odds on your side and achieve better ranking.

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