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Eck Creative Media was created by necessity. Since our inception our customers have been looking for the same thing; a professional and easy to navigate responsive website with beautiful images. They were all seeking a site loaded with relevant content. Lightning speed for a greater visitor experience was also a must have. We realized over the years that we had to help our customers and went on to create a business environment where all the complicated components of  a professional website would be in one place. No more finger pointing and frustrating attempts to get in touch with web host, web designer, photographer, etc.. A place where Website Hosting, Domain Registration, Site migration, Logo Design, Branding, content Writing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc.. had to be in our business plan.

Eck Creative Media is your one stop solution for your Website Hosting, Domain Registration, Site Migration, Logo Design, Branding, Content Writing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc..

Our customers enjoy free services too. Backups, Upgrades, Site Optimization, Cache Deletion, Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Site Maps, and Analytics. All of these services are included with your low monthly hosting fee.

We are always here to help and above all we will keep coming up with solutions until the problem is resolved.

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I have real Passion for Computers I have always been intrigued by computers since the day I saw on TV the first Star Trek episode as a child. Everything seemed so clean, easy and magic. I had to be involved with computers and programming so I purchased my first computer in 1977; the Apple II. A few years later my Science degree helped me getting hired as the founder of a Computer Sales Department for a major French chain of Computers and Electronics. I sold one of the first Apple III and IBM PC 5155 Portable computers in France in the early 80s. I also got involved in the French Movie industry where I worked for ICC, International Casting Consultant. I designed and filmed short scripts for casting candidates from all over the world.
I moved to America in the late 1980s, got my MBA from Northeastern University and created my first website in 1996; A Touch of Provence.
I have many years of experience and fresh ideas; I always look for the most innovative and cost effective way to make my customers happy. So come on board the Eck Website, Eck Foto and Eck Creative Media Star Ship Enterprise for the Ultimate Website Experience and beyond.

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Jean-Louis Eck
Jean-Louis EckFounder
MBA, Webmaster
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We provide Website Design and Website Hosting, Beautiful Photography and Videography, Logo Design and Branding, SEO and Social Media Marketing. All under One Roof. With top notch Customer Service at affordable prices.

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