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What is a Universe of Content? How it relates to your Blog and the Benefits of it.

Eck Creative Media News • December 13, 2019


niverses Of Content

IN the Center of that Universe -> the Star of that Universe;
Your pillar page.
-> It should be a High Level Comprehensive Overview of your Topic.
Say we want to rank for “Kitchen Cabinet Painting”
-> The Pillar page should go over all the main aspects of “Kitchen Cabinet Painting” without drilling too deeply into its subtopics.

Surrounding that Pillar page;
and linking both outward from the pillar page and inward back in the pillar page (linking in that pillar page and linking out from that pillar page) would be:
-> Your Cluster Content, your Bog Post
-> Each Blog Post would be a much more narrower, deeper dive into a topic in your content strategy of your topic cluster.

Benefits of Universes of Content

1- Because you have highly clustered relevant universes of content you get a lot of topical Authority from Google and from the searcher’s perspective.

  • For example if someone is running 3 different queries about “Kitchen Cabinet Painting” during the course of the day and they see your domain come up again and again, that creates a lot of instant trust.
  • We know that Google recognizes that the more trusted Content a Domain has on a topic the more likely that all the pieces of your Cluster Content will rank.

2- Because each Cluster Post is taking on this super targeted focus using a set of keywords it mitigates a lot of content cannibalization that we tend to see with domains that are covering the same topics over and over again because they know it is super relevant to their audience.

3- From an Architecture and internal Linking perspective it is super helpful because the Pillar page builds up a lot of link equity which it can then distribute to all other pages in the cluster.

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