12 Steps towards the Best On-page Optimization

Eck Creative Media News • October 6, 2019


n-page Optimization should be an essential component of your SEO Strategy. The following simple rules will help you to achieve the best On-page Seo optimization hence help your website ranking.
What is On-page Optimization aka On-page Search Engine Optimization? I am about to give you my favorite on page optimization checklist that I follow every single time I write an article for my blog.
Feel free to come back to this article as many time as you need it and use it as a simple on-page optimization tool that gets result in the Google ranking world.

1-Research the best Keywords for your article

Use only relevant keywords to your activity and most importantly to the core of your article.

2- Make sure to include your researched Keywords into your Main Title

Your title should include the keywords that you think most relevant to the article that you are writing.

3- Heading Tag

Put H1 tag in the Heading Tag of your article

4- Keywords in your Paragraphs?

Make sure to put the keywords that you selected into your first paragraph.

5- Keyword Density

Include your keywords at least 4 times in your content,
Don’t over do it as it could be seen as spam and flagged by Google.

6- Errors on your Page

Proofread your article several times before publishing it.
Avoid spelling errors and grammar mistakes.

7- Add Sharp High Quality Images

EckFoto Wildlife Photography

Images taken by a professional photographer will be more visually appealing.
High quality professional images will make your content unique and more interesting.
Relevant high quality images will help you to grab more traffic from image search engines.
Google has just announced that a blog with images will have more than 30% chances of being ranked than a blog without any images.
But in order to be searchable make sure that every image include an alt text and a relevant description.
As page loading speed being one of the most important elements of a sound SEO strategy, your Images should not exceed 1 Mega pixel. Avoid png or tiff images, use only jpg images for your article.

8- Keywords in Second Heading

Don’t forget to add your relevant keywords into your second heading too.
The idea behind it is that Google will get a second signal and will understand better what you are talking about.

9- Google Map

Add an embedded Map of your location into your post.
It legitimates you as a publisher and gives you more credibility.
It shows that you are a real person with a real address.

10- Word Count

Google pays a lot of attention to how many words are included into your post.
A concise and relevant content of 300 plus words is a good start and will signal Google that your article is worth reading.

Add Authoritative website Links to your content.
If you are article is referencing another article add its hyperlink.
Add also organic links withing your own website.

12- Video

People don’t have to do much of anything these days and reading is not on their list of priorities.
Instead of reading you visitors have the tendency to “scan” quickly your article instead.
they will be attracted to beautiful images and also to videos.
Youtube being a part of Google, videos are now also a major component to search ability.
It is a well known fact that visitors will spend longer time watching a video versus reading an article.
An engaging, emotional and educational video will bring much more on the SEO table.
Your visitors will spend more time on your site and Google will notice it very quickly and reward you for it.
Videos are becoming a Requirement more than Recommendation.
Today more than ever Videos belong to your Content Marketing Strategy.
It will create higher stronger visitor’s attention, higher engagement, higher retention rate and greater Search Engine Optimization Opportunities.

Add Videos to your blog with EckFoto , they will help you establish a Stronger Emotional Connection with your visitors and most importantly increase Conversions for a greater ROI.

EckFoto Video
  • Keywords in Title

  • Heading Tags

  • Fix Errors on Page

  • Add High Quality Images

  • Google Map

  • Add Links

  • Add Videos

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