What is SEO and what means Intent Based Marketing?

Eck Creative Media News • October 12, 2019

Understanding consumer intent and meeting their needs in the moment are the keys to winning more hearts, minds, and dollars. Google


EO has to be included into the creativity and content marketing processes.

SEO is incredibly important.

Why should you develop content that your audience really want?

Why should Search intent should be Included in your SEO strategy regardless of the size of your organization and industry?

Benefits of SEO: the ABC Strategy


rchitecture of your website

  • Create and promote your html site map
    • Make sure that all your pages load quickly especially on mobile devices.

ack Links and Endorsements

  • Include 3rd party websites that link back to your website.
    • Authoritative websites in your Industry


  • Pay attention to your Content
    • Most obvious ones; blog posts, any written words in your website, ebooks that you may create, white paper, white boards, etc..

All these categories that belong to ABC are inclusively important; they can make or brake your SEO success.

  • A, B, and C go well together. If either one of them is missing or neglected your SEO will suffer from it.
  • If you focus on only one of the ABC strategies your website’s ranking will suffer and your website will take much longer to be noticed.

SEO success yields traffic to your website and eventually that traffic will yield to revenue.

Why should you care about SEO? After all, “SEO” is a buzz word, everybody is talking about it.

Everyone talks about it because IT WORKS.

  • Nowadays with the influx of new websites appearing every single day, 380 websites per minute to be precise, being found quickly is a PRIORITY.
  • You don’t want to be on page 10 or more do you? No one goes to page 10 on Google. No one.
    • The higher up on Google the more traffic your website will get.

It is very important to draw that direct correlation between ranking well in Google and generating revenue for your company. And how do we exploit that correlation?

  • With a well rounded Search Intent strategy.

Search Intent Analysis and Intent Based Marketing

Understanding Search Intent should be the foundation of your SEO strategy.

Ranking well is important; the question is what do you want to rank well for?

  • Before writing a post, no matter what kind of post, we treat Search Intent as a priority.
    • We do all the data driven research and keyword and key phrase analysis.
      -> We add search intent to our creative effort to get the best of both worlds.

What does Intent Based Marketing mean?

  • Understanding searcher intent is everything in a SEO world!
  • Search Intent has everything to do with marketing funnel or also called Marketing Pyramid, what I call the “Intent Pyramid”.

ECM Intent Pyramid Color

Intent Pyramid

Intent Pyramid is a Pyramid with 3 distinctive layers.

It is comprised of the following:

  • A Small Layer on top.
  • A Medium Layer in the middle.
  • A Large Layer at the Bottom.

Every one searching for a product or service using Google can be found in one of the 3 Layers of the Intent Pyramid.

Let’s take a look a the 3 Layers of the intent Pyramid:

1- Intent Pyramid Top Level: Purchase Intent is very high, searchers are very much ready to purchase a product or service, traffic volume is significantly lower. They are very few people searching for these types of keywords compare to the first 2 layers of the Intent Pyramid.intent pyramid top

  • This is the time to write about rewards, incentives, discounts, and special offers.
  • Focus should be on why they should purchase your product or service now.
  • Assuming that you did your job in the middle level of the Pyramid, they already believe that you are the best proposition out there.
    • Your offering is the right one out of the comparison that you gave in the second layer.
    • They should understand why they should buy now, today or this week and no longer wait.
      • “I think a Weil Mc-LAIN furnace is the furnace for me. Where, When and How can I buy one.”

2- Intent Pyramid Middle Level: The Purchase Intent is Medium, traffic volume is medium; there is smaller activity than the first layer.intent pyramid middlec

  • No one is going to purchase your product or service in the next week or so, maybe in the next month or so.
  • Content should be focused on differentiation; this is at that layer that we make product or service better than your competitors.
    • The traffic id medium at that level.
      • For example: I want to purchase a furnace but I have no clue which one I should buy, oil or gas.
      • At tat level people are not quite sure which product or service to buy.
      • When we write at this level we try to convince that you are the one choice that they should go with.

3- Intent Pyramid Bottom Level: Purchase intent is low, traffic volume is high.intent pyramid bottom

  • Most visitors are not looking to purchase anything at that level.
  • People are looking to understand the product or service that they are looking for.
    • You find usually a huge amount of traffic at that level.
    • This is where you write about your product or service definitions, tips and ideas, etc..
      • For example: “I have heard about gas furnaces but I will have to be convinced that I need one versus an oil furnace”.
        • Keyword Search in Google includes “Gas furnace” or “ideas on how gas furnaces are better than oil furnaces”

-> You can’t expect (in general) these people to be buying anything at that particular level.
-> They are looking for definitions, ideas and tips on whatever they are looking for in a near term time frame.

Making sure that you cover all 3 levels of the Intent Pyramid in the content that you write is essential.
The best way to do that is Mapping Content and keywords to searcher intent.

Common SO-based Keyword Categories for B2C products or services.

  • First we run industry specific researches before posting any blogs.
  • Then we target specific keywords or keyword phrases based on the Intent Pyramid specific for each of our clients.

Using the furnace idea earlier:

1- Top Layer

intent pyramid top

Example of Keywords that we include in your post:

-> Price-conscious keywords
  1. “Cheap oil Furnace service near me”
  2. “Best Gas Furnace service prices”

Your visitors are thinking about money, so they are ready to buy. They don’t need more convincing, they area just looking for the best price.

-> Purchase-ready keywords
  1. “Best Gas Furnace installer near me”
  2. “Cheapest gas furnace installer near me”

Your visitors are looking for a vendor to buy the product or service from.

At Eck Creative Media we always use our intent Pyramid model to create content on your website. We suggest writing your blog by adding the very specific keywords that we provide and correspond to each Intent Pyramid’s layers.

The more keywords or key word phrases we add to your content the more specific and targeted your blog becomes.

  • When someone types “Oil Furnace Weil-McLain best price plumber near me” that is someone looking for specifics.
  • They know exactly what they want; they know all the advantages buying that particular furnace.
    • They are looking for the very best prices and they know where they are going to buy it from.

That is a dream come true in terms of keyword searches.

Coming back down to earth.. people don’t typically type a lot of words when they are searching.

  • That is why the shape of the Intent Pyramid gets smaller and smaller as we go into the life of span of your visitor’s research.

2- Middle Layer:

intent pyramid middlec

Example of Keywords that we suggest to be included in your post:

-> Comparison Shopping keywords
  1. “Furnace Reviews”
  2. “Most Efficient Furnaces for 2019”
  3. “Best Furnace Reviews for 2019”, etc..
-> Brand-Specific keywords
  1. Weil-McLAIN Oil Furnace
  2. Daiken Furnaces vs Carrier Furnaces

Your visitors are comparing the 2 brands to figure out which one best fit their needs.

3- Bottom Layer:

intent pyramid bottom

Example of Keywords that we suggest to be included in your post:

-> Educational keywords
  1. “Gas Furnace vs Oil Furnace”
  2. “Gas Furnace advantages”
  3. “Gas Furnace benefits”
  4. “Oil Furnace advantages”, etc..
-> Situation specific Keywords:
  1. “Best Furnace type for New England Weather”
  2. “Furnace for smaller home”, etc..

What is our Secret Sauce?

  1. We scan your website content and map it to our top, middle and bottom level of our Intent Pyramid.
  2. We then see which areas needs work and what is lacking.
  3. We constantly look for filling the gap of the pyramid while managing your website content.
  4. We typically start at the bottom of the Intent Pyramid and move upwards
    • Even though you will get less traffic at the bottom, that traffic will convert at a higher rate because people are interested and ready to purchase.

1- Finding the right balance between intent and volume is key to good ranking.

2- Finding the right balance between intent and Interest is key to generate revenue.

3- When we help you re-writing your content we use sophisticated tools to find out what people are looking for.

  1. We look at amount of search volume coming from our analysis, that gives us a better idea of what to include in your post.
  2. We identify very quickly the level of interest and the amount of search volume for the particular product or service that you want to blog about.
  3. We give recommendations to put you on target with your content.

4- From a marketing perspective we use our SEO Search Intent Pyramid to get into the mind of the people searching.

5- We relentlessly aim at finding out what people are searching for and how often they are searching for your product or service.

6 -We always look at the likelihood of the result of the search that will lead to revenue for your organization.

After many years being in the digital marketing industry I am always surprised by how accurate the result of our research is and how well it serves our clients.
  • SEO is incredibly important

  • Intent Based Marketing

  • Intent Pyramid

  • Intent and Volume

  • Intent and Interest

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