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12 Tips on how to Write the Best About us Page

Eck Creative Media News • October 10, 2019


our About us page is the second most visited page on your website.

You will find bellow the 12  best tips that will make your About us page rock and interesting.

In creating a helpful, information-rich site, write pages that clearly and accurately describe your topic. Google

1- Create a Hook

Start by asking your visitors direct Questions so you keep them interested in you and your organization.

To put things in perspective let’s imagine for a moment that you are a “Photographer”.
And you are writing your “About us” page as a photographer.
These are examples of questions you would ask your readers if you were a photographer;

  • Are you somebody that is shy in front of a camera?
  • What makes you anxious in front of a camera?

You got the drift now write questions proper to your own industry.

2- Tell your Story

You became a photographer to help people being more relaxed in front of a camera.
You knew how to get people “out of their cocoon” and show their personality.

  • Tell your readers how and why you decided to go in the field of photography.
  • What really prompted you to it?
  • Did you follow your father’s steps?
  • Have you always had the desire to be a photographer?
    • Add images describing your early stages of your career.
    • Add images to show what you can bring on the table, show proofs.
    • Show that you have the know how and the years of expertise to provide what your customers are looking for.

3- Create an Open Loop

Keep your visitors reading your About us page.

  • One example of an open loop would be: “I discovered an amazing way to relax people when they are in front of my camera.. But before I talk about that (make sure your readers keep reading), I want to tell you a bit more about the way I take pictures.. etc..
  •  A second example of open loop: “If you keep reading you will discover towards the end of my About us page how I use “posing” as a way to bound with my customers and make them at ease and forget that I am here to take pictures of them.

4- List the Benefits of Hiring You

  • What will the readers get from reading your about page?
  • Will they hire you after reading it?
    • Focus on Transformations; what are the advantages of dealing with you as a photographer?
    • Why would your visitors choose you versus another Photographer?
      • “I am going to show you how easy it is to be natural in front of a camera and look your best.”
    • What makes you different as a photographer?

5- Provide Proof

Reveal your Authority in your field.

  • List all your Awards that you have accumulated over the years.
  • Include all the major Customers that you worked with, give a few names; for example “William Raveis, Century 21”, etc..
  • List all the written testimonies that you received.
  • List Your top 3 Reviews
  • Add images of your work and achievement
  • Add a short business profile video

6- Make it Personal

Share a Personal Story that touched you in a good way.
Talk about a personal story, something, a good thing that happened recently with one of your customers.
Don’t hesitate to give details, add images depicting what happen and why it happen.

  • Your About us page should not be about you but “How will I be the solution to my clients’ problem?”
  • How will I be able to relieve my customer’s “pain”?
  • It is all about Your customers.
  • Everything should be tailored towards the needs of Your customers
  • What is most interesting to my potential customers.
  • Add opt-in form with drop down menus listing your services and a way to choose them.
  • Create an Engaging Opt-in Design Form with pictures, video, graphics, et..
  • Include Links to your products and services.

8- Use a Clean Design for your About Page

  • Keep your page very fluid, easy to scan and under 500 words.
  • Limit your page to a few paragraphs.
  • Add H1 titles
  • Add H2 subtitles
  • Add Professional Photography

EckFoto Architecture Photography MIT Kresge Auditorium

9- Mission Statement

  • Describe your Mission: Mission or Vision Statement
  • Convey Your Organization Values
  • Describe your organization Culture and commitment to its customers
  • What makes you different from other “photographers”?
  •  Keep your statement inspirational and motivating
  • Establish immediate trust with your visitors
  • Create interest on Who You Are:
    • Who is your ideal customer?
    • The things you do to make you unique.
    • When did you start your business?
    • Professional Images of your office
    • Professional Head shots of yourself, your crew, etc..
    • Short Business Profile video

10-Share why you do what you do

Again if you were a photographer you would say:

“Classical Portraits were boring to me, I knew I had to up my game”

“I decided to make it more fun and interesting for my customers (I studied the different poses, different lighting, camera setups, etc.. )”

11- Your Location

  • Where are you located?
  • Add an embedded Google Map
  • Add images of your town
  • Add images of your street
  • Add images of your office

12- Social Proof

  • Share customers Reviews and testimonials.
  • Share Awards, Certificates, Published Articles, Medals, etc..
  • Include all your Social Media Links.

ocial Media BIO

One of the most important features of your Social Media Pages is your BIO.

So here are some tips that will help you write an engaging Bio.

Though very similar, you Social Media Bio is less in depth and detailed than the Bio on your website.

It has to be Short and Powerful:

  • Instagram Bio: 150 character max
  • Twitter Bio: 160 character max
  • Facebook Bio: 155 character max

1- Start with a Powerful Sentence:

You have only a few seconds to make a good impression; brevity is key.

  • What is your niche market?
  • What are you really good at
  • What makes you unique?
  • How are you going to help your customers?
  • How will you solve their problem?

2- Humanize your Bio

  • Talk about you
  • Tell your Story
  • Talk about your greatest accomplishment
  •  How you ended up where you are now

3- Include a Call-to-Action

  • What are you offering?
  • Give a chance for your visitors to Learn more about You
  • Offer a freebee, a reward, a discount, etc.. if they “take action”

4- Avoid buzzwords like:

  • Specialized
  • Leadership
  • Passionate
  • Strategic
  • Experienced
  • Focused
  • Expert
  • Certified
  • Creative
  • Excellent

5- Use All Keywords that we Provide You

  • Create a Hook

  • Tell Your Story

  • Create an Open Loop

  • List the Benefits of Hiring You

  • Provide Proof

  • Make it Personal

  • Include Opt-In Form or Links

  • Use a Clean Design

  • Mission Statement

  • Why you do what you do

  • Your Location

  • Social Proof

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