What do you Include in your Company Core Values statement? Here are the 12 Best Tips to help you Writing your Core Values

Eck Creative Media News • October 11, 2019


our Core Values explain what you and your organization believe in.

Your Company Core Value is a description of your character and how you behave on a day to day basis.

Your core values dictates the guiding principles that speak for your employee’s behavior and action.

Do the right thing; don’t be evil. Earn customer trust and user loyalty and respect every day. Sustainable long-term growth and profitability are key to our success. Google cares about and supports the communities where we work and live. Google

Your core value is your code of conduct for decision making in your company. It guides in the collective behavior of people in your organization.

You core value is a set of values that articulate what the people in your organization believe and hold true. It is how do people in your organization treat each other and interact with your customers.
You core values are essential as they give your employees a reason for what they do and your customers a reason to believe in.

What do you include in your Core values?

You will find bellow some ideas that you could use writing your organization core values.

1- Describe the value of your organization that helps you guide your behavior.

2-A Clear Direction

  • Describe how your core value clarifies the direction of why you do what you do.

3- Elaborate on a set of shared values that guides your behavior as an organization.

  • What are the values that help you guide you and your employee’s behavior.

4- Describe the guiding principles that dictate how everyone treats each other within your organization and deal with your customers.

  • Mention that you value respect and show it in our daily dealings with each member of your team and every single customer.
    -> If customer satisfaction is one of your values explain for example that you offer 100% satisfaction guaranty for all of your products and services

5- It’s all about Building Relationships

  • Explain how you build relationships with your employees and your customers.

6- Customer Service

  • What type of supports are you providing?
    • To your Employees?
    • To your Customers?

7- Feedback

  • Do you seek input from your employees and your customers in order to improve your services?
    • Talk about your open communication policy that allows dealing with crisis even before they occur.
    • What are your expectations dealing with your employees and customers?

8- Goals

  • List your goals and your all your expectations.

9- Leadership Core Values

  • Are you willing to listen?
  • Are able to communicate effectively with your employees and customers?
  • What system of communication do you have in place?
  • Do you value/reward feedback?

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10- It’s All About Respect and Trust

  • Is respect and trust of your start important? If yes, in what capacity?
  • Are you core values include openness, integrity and honesty?
  • How do you maintain trust among your staff and your customers?
  • Do you maintain trust through honesty and personal integrity?
  • Are you being honest and respectful towards your employees and customers?
  • If yes, are you fair in your assessment of the situation and provide consistent guidance?

11- It’s All About Empowerment

  • Are you empowering your team members in your day today activities?
  • Do you help your employees to grow, to lead and succeed?
  • Do you inspire your staff?
  • Do you believe in them?
  • Do you Support them?
  • Do you encourage them?

12- It’s All About Boundaries

  • You can talk about how you give your employees generous boundaries.
    • Boundaries don’t restrict your team members
    • Boundaries empower your team members
      • You tailor boundaries specifically for each employee
      • You give them freedom to act
      • You empower them.
  • Value of Your Organization

  • A Clear Direction

  • Shared Values

  • Guiding Principles

  • Building Relationship

  • Customer Service

  • Feedback

  • Goals

  • Leadership

  • Respect

  • Empowerment

  • Boundaries

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