Should Keyword Analysis Should be Part of Your SEO Campaign?

Eck Creative Media News   •   January 25 2018

Keywords are the reason why people land on your web page when they type words that are embedded in your web content. Basically they are the possible connection between your next visitor and your content. In fact it is well-known that relevant and well optimized keywords (to your content) are crucial for Search Engines in order to rank your site.

Keep It Simple

Use Keywords that visitors will use looking for your products or services. Use relevant (to your business) keywords in your url. But don’t over do it either. Add optimized Keywords in your title and Meta description tags making your site easier to be found. Add relevant keywords in your title H1 tag.
At EckCreativeMedia Keywords are our specialty and we take them very seriously and they are apa rt of our 36-step-audit-SEO-Campaign. We relentlessly perform keyword search relating to your website and also to your competitor’s website.
Included in your monthly hosting plan is our rich snippets or also known as Schema markup campaign. Increasing your Search Engine ranking and ultimately your website visibility is our #1 priority. We do all the work so that you can focus on your business.

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Focus on SERP, or Search Engine Result pages

Another key element of our Keyword analysis is to examine how Google, Being, Yahoo and other Search Engines deal with the relevancy of the keywords you are using in your pages. SERP contains typically two types of content results; “organic” and paid results. We will focus on both to increase the ranking of your website.

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