Paper Business Card Facts

Facts regarding Paper Business Cards:

1- More than 85% of all the paper business cards handed out are thrown out in less than a week.
2- More than ½ of the paper business cards that you pass on to your prospects will be thrown away if there is no imminent need for your product or services.
3- How many cards are being printed?
-> More than 25 Million paper business cards are printed daily or over 10 billion yearly. Save the planet! Go Green! Go digital!
4- Cost of Paper Business Cards
-> Paper business cards need to be reprinted regularly. They cost between $10 and $500 depending the quality of the paper used and the complexity of the card itself.
5- Average hourly hour of a graphic designer is $65.

Digital Business Card Facts

Facts regarding Digital Business Cards:

1- Give your brand the modern look and the tech savvy look that it deserves.
2- Add links to your website, portfolio, price list, etc..
3- Texting made easy
-> Texting a digital record of yourself has never be so easy.  Your prospects will have your information handy at a click of a button.
4- Use you card for referrals, it is much quicker and easier via your digital business card.
5- Share your digital business card to anyone and any device.
-> With your digital business card your prospective customers will be able with one click text you, send you an email, locate your business, check your  website,   links to your social media, refer you to others by sharing the card, etc..
5- Digital business cards encourage peer to peer interactions.
6 -Your Digital business cards contact information can be added to your prospect’s contact very quickly.
7- Store and share quickly your contact information to a all social media platforms by scanning your QR Code, sending texts, emailing, etc..
8- Add attention grabbing video clips of your recent customer praise or new achievement.
9- You are able to visual quickly the whole story of your brand the first time you meet a prospect.

EckCreativeMedia Digital Business Card

Digital Business Cards FAQ

  • How do I share my digital business card? You can share your card by text or by email.
  • How do I add your information to my contact list? You can use the personal QR Code that comes with every card and that is unique to each card holder.
  • What happen when my information changes? We will update your digital business card for free as long as you stay using our services.
  • What do you mean when you say “Go Green”? -> A staggering 27 million business card are printed daily. That is more than 10 billion per year! That represents a lot trees that could be saved. You save paper and protect the environment.
  • How does the QR Code work? We will generate your own QR Code with your contact information. You can include it in all the documents that whish. Anybody with a smart phone camera can scan it, your gets registered quickly to their contact list.
  • How much does a Digital Business Card Cost?
    -> A low onetime fee of $199 to build, design, customize and test your digital business card.
    -> $12.99 per month for the hosting fee.
    -> Free customization for life.
    -> Free QR Code for life
    -> Free EMAIL signature setup
EckCreativeMedia Digital Business Card


$19995One Time
  • Personalized Digital Business Card
  • Personalized QR Code
  • Ability to share your card by Text or Email
  • Ability Add to Contact function via your personalized QR Code
  • Responsive Design
  • Lightning Fast
  • SEO Ready
  • Keyword Management
  • Updates: Monthly
  • * +$100 if no website hosting


  • 10GB Storage
  • 2GB RAM
  • SEO Ready
  • Automatic Backup
  • Automatic Updates
  • No Sales Commissions
  • No Hidden Fees

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