Why Should You Have your Own Website?

Eck Creative Media News   •   August 1, 2018

Eck Creative Media Benefits of Your Own Website

Te Benefits of owning your Family website are almost endless. The first reason thats jumps in mind is it is a valuable way to keep family members connected with each other.

It is a safe environment compared to Social Media. No need to police contents anymore. You have the full control. Birthday parties, Anniversaries, and all the important family events in your life will be from now on never forgotten.

All your memories will be saved to eternity and everyone from across the globe will have complete access to them allowing comments and suggestions. It is your own Family Historical Archive accessible by all.


Keep It Simple

Own your own domain name “Famillyname.com” that will be passed from generations to generations. Enjoy your own email addresses for example Shannon@FamilyName.com. No need for gmail, yahoo, etc.. You have your own server on the web. You can Create your own Blog where you can post Family Recipes, Your Vacation best moments from from around the world, Your Kids school projects, Your Pet’s pictures, Your house that you about to sell, etc..

Having your own website makes it easier to Keep your Family Members under the same roof, the same internet platform and share all your memories online. It gets the kids away from video games and more involved with their cousins across the country or over seas. It is the glue that keeps everybody connected and involved.

At EckCreativeMedia we are committed to create a beautiful responsive your own Family website that will be accessible from any devices and from any members of your family around the globe.

  • Kids Frienldy

  • One Web Address for All

  • Safer than Social Media

  • Archive Family Life Memories under One Roof

  • Share your Family Calendars

  • Create your Own Blog

Create your Own Social Media Platform

Enjoy a Safe Internet Environment where all family members across the globe can post and share all their important life memories. Older members confused by all the social media platforms will be at ease by remembering only One URL

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