Can Bad Reviews be Removed?

Eck Creative Media News • September 6, 2019


Dealing with Reviews is part of the Reputation management service that we offer our clients.


We can flag the bad reviews, unfortunately bad reviews can’t be removed from most of the sites that consumers use every day like Google, Yelp or TripAdvisor.
Since these sites have build their ongoing reputations and credibility on delivering honest untainted reviews.

There are ways to deal with this.

It is never too late to fix a Bad Reviews.

Good or Bad Reviews

Of course when replying avoid confrontation and be apologetic.

Try to connect with your customer, again telling him or her that you are sorry about the way he or she feels.

Tell your customer that you are willing to correct the situation by offering a free service and a refund if you have to.

Most of the time people change their mind and write a new review stating what you did to “right the wrong”.

Bad reviews are not the end of the world, they happen to everyone online.


Don’t forget the good Reviews too, addressing them as soon as they show up is as important.

Sending a follow-up email or a text offering a “special-next-visit-discount” is a good way to deal with good Reviews and insure repeat business.

So you can count on EckCreativeMedia to alert you when you have bad Reviews and deal with them as soon as they show up.


esponding to good reviews is as important as responding to bad ones.

Good Reviews

I recommend strongly to take the time to respond to good reviews because of the following reasons:

  1. It show to Google how much you care about your customers
  2. It gives you a chance to contact and praise your customers and give them other reasons to hire you again in the near future.

How to Respond to Good Reviews

Though there are many other ways, i tend to focus on the following when I respond to a good review:

  1. Thank the customer for the good review
  2. “Praise the customer back” Part 1- You are glad that their appreciate your work.. (reiterate the work you did – using keywords) etc..
  3. “Praise the customer back” Part 2- By commenting how much pleasure you had dealing with them.
  4. Talk about how interesting/fun/motivating/rewarding/special..etc.. the job was.
  5. Tell how grateful you are to receive great reviews like this one and how grateful you are to have customers like them.
  6. Mention how much attention you pay to customers’ feedback, and how much it helps you to become a better painter, etc..
  7. Talk about the outstanding service you want to to deliver to each and every customers, etc..
  8. Highlight you relentless commitment to customer satisfaction
  9. Confirm that you would like to be the first organization contacted for their next project.
  10. Mention all the other services that you provide and invite them to consult you if they need help with any one of them in the near future.
  • Part of our Reputation Management Service

  • Bad Reviews Flagged

  • You can Manage Bad Reviews

  • Follow-up with Apologies and a Refund

  • Follow-up on your Good Reviews too

EckCreativeMedia - Good Reviews

We help you Dealing with Bad Reviews, it is a part of the Reputation management service that we offer.

Even though you can’t remove bad reviews the good news is that you can manage them.

We will help you managing them.

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