Why is Search Engine Optimization Important

Eck Creative Media News   •   June 2, 2016

Search Engine Optimation is crucial, especially with more than 1 trillion websites in today’s internet World. In addition to relevant keywords and tags, SEO is also about designing a very easy to navigate website with a clean and fluid layout. Relevance in addition to an Easy Navigation will help tremendously with your ranking. The number of internal and external links that your site will have will also play an important role in SEO.

Keep It Simple

Eck Creative Media will guide you in your SEO Quest and help you with your Website Content Relevance and Fluid Design.
Don’t forget Internal and External Links to improve Search Engine Crawling.

Google 3-Pack

What are the best ways to rank and most specifically how do we get included in the 3-PACK at the top in Google?

  • Links
  • Back Links
  • Reviews

EckFoto Listed in Google 3 Pack

  • Relevant Content

  • Simple and Clean Design

  • Internal and External Links

In addition we will look for duplicate links, “dead” and unnatural links.

Focus on SEO

A Smart SEO campaign will help your website gain Visibility, more Traffic, Better Branding, and Credibility.

Ultimately your exposure will grow and your Sales will benefit from it.

At Eck Creative Media, SEO is our Number one priority. And we have all the tools to help your website get noticed.

In addition we will look for duplicate links, “dead” and unnatural links.

Why SEO?

  • SEO brings Organic Search; Organic Search is your Primary Source of Traffic
    -> Google owns more 70% of the Search MKT. (Chocolate cake analogy)
  • Good SEO means better UX (User Experience)
  • SEO builds your Site Authority
  • SEO Best Practices – 200 page Google Algorithm – Google comes up with new changes almost on a daily basis. Google is getting smarter.
  • It’s all about LOCAL SEO
  • SEO is Long Term Strategy (results start to show between 6 – 12 months of work)
  • We provide Monthly Performance analysis so our SEO Strategy is Quantifiable
  • SEO is relatively cheap (compared to all the work involved)
  • SEO makes your business and your website Better
  • SEO impacts your visitors Buying Cycle:
  • Visitors do the research
  • Your ECM SEO Strategy relays announcement, discounts, advantages, etc..
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