Is your FAQ Page Up to Date and Relevant to your Activity?

Eck Creative Media News • August 28, 2019

EckCreativeMedia - My Dear Watson Pluminb Cooling and Heating FAQ Page

Is your FAQ Page up to date? Google has announced a few weeks ago that they are now supporting the FAQ Schema Markups. Google is always looking to find ways to bring better information to users. Information relevant to a website’s activities is key here. A website’s FAQ page is indeed a good start to find out about specific information regarding a business.

So we came up with a way of using Schema Markups to show your FAQ page in searches and provide information relevant to your activity that users are looking for.

So it is time to give your old FAQ page a face lift and contact us. We have a way to take advantage of this internet marketing strategy and make it work in your favor. How long will this last? We don’t know. So don’t wait and contact EckCreativeMedia to give a Boost to your FAQ Page.

  • We will Review your FAQ page

  • We will Make all necessary changes for better user experience

  • We will Make all necessary changes for better relevance to your business

  • We will Add Images, Videos.

  • We will Make your FAQ Page Stands Out in Searches

EckCreativeMedia - EckFoto FAQ Page

Google is pushing on “FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Website Pages” to give more relevant information to website visitors and help promoting individual businesses.

We worked on a system to get your website FAQ page showing up on searches, and ultimately giving more exposure.

So send us your FAQ page, we will do the rest.

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